Bailey CV

Born July 1962, Johannesburg, South Africa

Studies: Bryam Shaw School of Art, London. His preferred media is painting, sculpting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics

Publications: 1987 Style, Fair Lady, Flying Springbok magazines

Collections: Private and corporate both nationally and internationally

Solo Exhibitions: 17, London, Cape Town, Johannesburg

Group Exhibitions: 50+, Johannesburg, Cape Town, London, New York, Los Angeles USA, Germany

Bailey owns the Art Factory Shop in Cape Town selling paintings, a home range of fabrics and ceramics. Creator of Lee Ping Zing, the central character in his latest artworks, Bailey is very "beezy" indeed. Alter-ego Joyce Ntobe also enjoys fame and fortune. The creation of Joyce was born of the frustration of "increasingly prevalent affirmative action". Bailey submitted two artworks for a triennial exhibition. One was with the traditional 'Beezy Bailey' signature (rejected) the other signed 'Joyce Ntobe'! The latter now enjoys an honoured place in the SA National Gallery as part of its permanent collection. When the curator of the SA National Gallery wanted to work on a paper about three black women artists, Joyce Ntobe being one, Bailey let the cat out the bag which caused a huge media 'scandale'.

"I have a formal approach to art making, honed from the British figurative tradition with an African inspiration. I believe in the alchemy of art making, a search for a spiritual beauty in a contemporary renaissance kind of way." Beezy Bailey

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